Saturday, 21 June 2008

Joe B Rips Brian Wesbury A New Asshole

I've posted numerous times here about Brain Wesbury's delusional economic and stockmarket forecasts. However if you don't remember or are not familiar with them, here's a refresher;

Kudlow and Co, 12/12/2007, “This whole recession is a figment of people’s imagination.

on CNBC, 12/24/2007, “The US Equity market is about 25% undervalued today.

Kudlow and Co, 06/09/2008, “The economy is now coming out of its slow period, our forecast is that we’re going to have three, three and a half percent growth in the second half of this year.”

Today Wesbury came on spouting his nonsense again, however this time Joe Battapaglia was there to put him in his place. It was a masterful exhibition by Mr Battapaglia and Wesbury was left floundering. Click on the image above to watch a thoroughly enjoyable clip.