Thursday, 12 March 2009

Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart Continues

NBC are pulling out all the stops having Jim Cramer go on 2 shows on the NBC network to help salvage his reputation. Anyone with a brain can see through the pathetic PR exercise. NBC doesn't seem to realize that the more they go on about it the worse they make it.

On the Daily Show on Tuesday, Jon Stewart pointed out how ridiculous the shills at NBC and Cramer look. The thing I took away from the clip was the look on Cramer's face, the guy is obviously really suffering, and I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for the fraud.

Here is Cramer's denfense, absolutely pathetic the guy is a complete charlatan,and the dozy bitch that often appears with him on CNBC Erin Burnett is not much better.


Deano said...

Yep the more Cramer complains about The Daily Show, the bigger a c**t he looks and the more people tune into Jon Stewarts program to see the next instalment. His response of ' Maybe Stewart should talk about Citi's Tier 1 capital ' is embarrassingly lame. Reputation in tatters.

The Fundamental Analyst said...

Yep it's great to watch this fool come apart. Apparently he will be on the Daily show Thursday night, I hope Jon Stewart doesn't go easy on him.

Dean said...

he didn't go easy on him, he fucking hammered him, compelling viewing from a schadenfreude point of view